MSI to EXE Creator

MSI to EXE Creator PackageMSI setup maker software provides an easy and affordable solution to create .EXE (executive) files from already existing .MSI (Windows installer) files. MSI to EXE creator can easily convert your Microsoft windows installer files to executable code files in a single mouse click. MSI to EXE converter software helps you to generate a standard exe setup of your software for its release.

Setup maker software is the best alternative solution to complex and expensive MSI to EXE converting programs which are used to convert exe using MSI setup package for any software product. Application setup installer helps you to convert your MSI file in such a way that no data loss occurs in the conversion process.

MSI installer to EXE installation package creator generates a complete setup installation package without making any changes to original application functionality and structure. All technical and non-technical persons can operate it properly without requiring any specific professional training or skill. MSI setup to EXE converter software allows you to save the created executable file in a specified location on your hard drive of your desktop or laptop PC.

This read-only setup generator tool ensures .exe file generation just by selecting .msi path folder. After selection of the MSI file path software automatically creates an EXE file which can be stored at a desired location.

MSI to EXE setup creator application does not compromise with the software's originality and capable to transfer your Microsoft.NET framework installation packages (.MSI setups) to the corresponding .EXE formats. MSI to EXE converter program facilitates to convert your Windows installer file, Microsoft installer file or any other file into relative exe file.

MSI setup to EXE maker shareware program provides an excellent and highly interactive graphical user interface which makes its operation very easy. Software is useful for developers, coders, software analyzers and programmers to provide easy installation setup of software products to their customers. MSI installer to EXE installation package software provides a user help manual which describes step-by-step working of this application.

MSI to EXE Creator

Software Features:

  • Reliable solution to create or build EXE format file from existing MSI format file!
  • Helpful for software developers, professional programmers and for all those who want to execute an MSI setup in EXE format!
  • The originality and structure of MSI file will remain unchanged even after setup generation.
  • The generated exe file setup can be easily saved at user specified location for future purpose.
  • Provides GUI based user interface.
  • The setup creator utility can be easily operated by any technical or non-technical users as no technical assistance is required to understand and execute the software tool.
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