Outlook and Outlook Express Password Recovery Software

Outlook and Outlook Express Password Recovery SoftwareOutlook and Outlook express password recovery software automatically recovers all lost or forgotten email account passwords configured on Microsoft Outlook or Outlook express. Email password recovery tool is a handy solution to restore all misplaced passwords of news groups, magazine subscriptions, online billing and other web based applications.

Download password recovery software to unmask passwords stored behind asterisks (*****) characters. User can find the hidden passwords just by dragging the mouse pointer on the coded text. Office package password recovery utility is highly interactive and suitable for those users who have multiple email accounts and often tend to forget their passwords.

Password recovery tool freeware rescues user records like server information (including incoming and outgoing mail server name and password) for common users and server port number information for advanced users. This cost-effective application provides multilingual password recovery support.

Outlook and Outlook express password recovery program retrieves missing passwords, login-ids and save all recovered passwords in a text file for future reference. Outlook express password reset software has a capability to show a complete list of all outlook users with their identity passwords in second’s time.

It becomes very easy to restore outlook express lost password with the help of our Advanced MS Outlook password unmask tool. Outlook email password recovery utility can rescue user entrance data including usernames and passwords which are accidentally lost or forgotten by the system administrator.

An intuitive graphical user interface is provided by this software which makes it easy-to-install and easy-to-operate. Outlook password recovery shareware application allows you to see the preview of your authentication information including logins and passwords.

Outlook express passwords unmask utility can restore email passwords instantly and works with HTTP (Hyper text transfer Protocol) accounts. User does not need any specific professional skill or knowledge to use this password restoration solution. Outlook email password recovery software securely rescues list of forgotten passwords in an absolute legitimate way.

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Outlook and Outlook Express Password Recovery Software

Software Features:

  • Outlook and Outlook express password recovery software instantly recover all your lost or forgotten passwords configured on Microsoft Outlook and Outlook express mail servers.
  • Retrieve passwords supporting multiple mail accounts.
  • Fully support retrieval of all long and complex passwords hidden behind asterisks (*****) characters.
  • Easily recovers multilingual passwords.
  • Support all major versions of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.
  • Password recovery software can be easily operated by both technical as well as non-technical users.
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