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PC Monitoring Utility

PC monitoring software is designed and developed to maintain user’s computer system privacy. It allows you to track external user’s activities on the computer system in easiest way. PC monitoring is mainly required in Home, Offices, Cyber Cafe, Educational institutions to keep watch over employees and children daily computer activities.

Do you want to know what your children, co-workers are doing online? Or perhaps you want to check your children or spouse to know what they are doing on the computer? This program works in invisible mode, fully hidden from its users and logs everything that is typed in any application on your PC or Laptop-Desktop system.

One of the major PC monitoring utility is key logger software which easily records all keyboard typed keystrokes whether during chat session, sending emails or in any application on your PC in your absence.

Keylogger is responsible for overall tracking and detecting external user’s computer activities in affordable way.

The prominent PC Monitoring Utility includes:

  • KeyLogger Software
    Keylogger software records all keyboard activities and detects about external users activity on your computer system.
  • Advanced KeyLogger
    Advanced KeyLogger software monitors and records user’s system and internet activities in stealth way.
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