Pocket PC Mobile Text Messaging Software

Pocket PC Mobile Text Messaging SoftwarePocket PC to cell phone bulk SMS software is a portable solution to create and send a number of text messages from your pocket PC, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) mobile device or smart phone to mobile phones. Utility is capable to send free unlimited SMS to individuals and group of persons at the same time. No internet connection or external device support is required to send messages with this advanced bulk SMS marketing software.

Mass SMS sending tool provides better communicating way to smart phone and pocket PC users. Software can generate bulk SMS (Short message service) in two formats including notifications and standard messages. Bulk texting utility is fully capable to import contact numbers from phonebook memory to send the text messages. User can also enter phone numbers manually or import them from a text file.

Bulk text message broadcasting software is useful for sending personal messages, marketing information, job or event alerts, warm greetings, recruitment notifications, business announcements, promotional campaigns and much more. Pocket PC bulk SMS messenger supports all national and international GSM or CDMA technology based mobile phones.

Pocket PC to mobile phone bulk messaging software facilitates to save all sent text messages with their sending date and time details. This cost-effective and instant text messaging utility enables you to broadcast a single common message to a number of groups or persons. Bulk SMS promotion software has an interactive graphical user interface which makes its installation and operation very simple.

Group SMS sender software runs on your pocket PC or PDA device and sends messages to your friend's or employee's mobile phone anywhere in the world. Bulk messages software supports a variety of smart phones and pocket PCs including HP iPAQ 6315 Pocket PC, Orange SPV E200 smartphone, T-Mobile Pocket PC, Motorola MPx200, Sharp W-Zero3 Pocket PC Phone, Palm Treo 700w, Asus Pocket PC Phone, HTC TyTN Pocket PC, Samsung Pocket PC phone, UTStarcom XV6600, Pantech PH-S8000T smartphone, Siemens, Carrier Devices i-Mate etc.

Bulk SMS broadcasting software is a flexible text message sending tool that is used for international business marketing services to support communication between the manufacturers and customers.Text messaging tools provide a user friendly application-wizard with install and uninstall support.

Software Features:

  • Pocket PC to Mobile text Messaging Software is useful for sending unlimited messages from Windows based Pocket PC mobile phone to other mobile cell phones.
  • No internet connection is required i.e. bulk of messages can be sent accurately without requiring any internet connection.
  • All major brands of Windows based Pocket PC mobile phones are supported that includes AT&T Tilt, Audiovox, Anextek SP230, Asus, E-ten M500, HP iPAQ, Hitachi, i-mate, Mitach Mio, Motorola, Nokia, Gigabyte gsmart i120, BenQ, Orange SPV E200, O2XDA, Palm Treo 700w, Siemens SX66, Samsung blackjack, Sony Ericsson PDA Device and many more.
  • The software is helpful during emergency when the person is far away and wishes to contact its friends, relatives, family etc.
  • Easy install-uninstall support.
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