Live Chat Software

Live Chat SoftwareLive Chat Software provides easy way to establish communicative interface between customer support executives and website visitors in real time. Webchat software allows company representatives to maintain secure and interactive chat session with website customer’s to provide live help and assistance. Professional Live Help chat software provides an intuitive interface to establish communication between website agents and customers that helps to strengthen customer relationships.

Live chat customer support software is compatible with all major web browsers including Internet explorer etc and can be easily integrated with your existing website to provide web based chat support services. Visitor monitoring chat software allows your online customers to establish communication with your technical support team members by simply clicking online chat button on your website. Website visitors support software helps each webmaster to enhance their customer support services thus results increased sales and revenues.

Website live chat software allows your customer care executives to interact with your web site visitors that can easily improves your company sales and strengthen customer relationships. Absolute live support software is suitable for all businesses that provides customer services like Real estate, Auto sales, Travel tours, Web hosting, Website designing, Insurance and other similar fields.

Web chat software is 24*7-customer service program for resolving customer queries thus increases your company’s sales and revenues with reduced support cost. Advanced Online customer support software provides best live chat solution, which is helpful to enhance your business marketing by solving customer queries in most convenient way. Online chat software enables your online business to place a “real person” in your web site to address visitors and instantly solve their queries.

Live support chat software works for the improvement of your customer satisfaction and business productivity by maintaining a healthy chat session between company and customers in no time. Live assistance chat software enables organizations to communicate in real-time with their website visitors to answer queries, offer immediate assistance in few mouse clicks. Live customer service software can be easily downloaded from website with user-friendly interface that lets your support executives to answer customers questions simply and quickly.

Live Chat Software

Software Features:

  • Allows live interaction between your website support executives and online customers/visitors in real time.
  • Website support executives can chat with multiple website visitors at the same time thus increasing the operator efficiency.
  • Facilitates operator-to-operator chat to handle customer queries in less time.
  • Ongoing chat session can be hand-over to other operators for providing additional help to customers.
  • Visual and sound alerts notify operators whenever visitor initiate for chat.
  • Facilitate customers to send offline messages if web support executive is not online.
  • Chat transcripts can be emailed at visitor specified mail address for later viewing.
  • Website support agents can view visitors typing text before they send it.
  • Canned messages helps operator to response visitors in less time.
  • Customer care executives can easily push web URL’s to provide valuable or additional information to assist customers.
  • Visitors who are interrupting during chat sessions can be restricted to enter chat by blocking their IP address.
  • Provides detailed information of website visitors/customers.
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