Website Monitoring Tool

Website Monitoring ToolInstant website monitoring software tracks your website performance in real time. Website uptime tracker tool examines your website responsiveness and alerts you if your website is found down or undetectable. Utility can monitor website uptime, downtime, network availability, IP address and ping status on a regular basis.

Website performance checker software supports various internet server protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, SMTP and FTP. Website downtime checker notifies you for all type of errors that slows website performance including low network connectivity, low bandwidth, connection failed, host not found, server not found, page cannot be displayed, page not found etc.

Website performance analyzer alerts you when your website becomes slowly downloadable or responds excessively slow by beeping a sound, sending an email notification or executing a specific program on your computer. Website monitoring services help you for improving performance of all your web-based applications. User can operate it without requiring any specific technical knowledge or skill.

Free web site performance monitor ensures that your website is available for its visitors at each instant of time. Website uptime monitoring software provides an option to switch from normal monitoring view to advance monitoring view. Site status checking program enables you to create and monitor a number of website profiles at a single time.

Real time site monitoring tool is multithreaded software that keeps a constant view on the working of your website. User can fix errors before they can cause a major loss by knowing about their website with this downtime monitoring service. Free server monitoring software guarantees that your website is accessible at multiple locations in the world.

Remote website monitoring solution is fully operational with all windows operating systems such as windows 98, 98(SE), NT, XP professional, XP Home, XP media Center, 2000, 2003 server, Vista Starter, Vista Business, Vista Enterprise and Vista Ultimate. Web site performance software assists you for enhancing your e-business transactions by reporting slow and down websites.

Website status tracker software has a self-explanatory graphical user interface. Website monitor alert is the best alternate to all costly website monitoring utilities for analyzing multiple websites status simultaneously. Website uptime monitor is award-winning software used for immediate problem notification of the web-based applications. Website availability monitoring utility runs in the background of your computer and monitors the response time of your website in case of any run time error.

Website Monitoring Tool

Software Features:

  • Web Site monitoring software monitors the up time, down time and ping status of the website in real time.
  • Facilitate user by sending alert notification (through e-mail, beeps sound or runs a specific program) in case of website inaccessibility or unavailability over the World Wide Web.
  • Support various internet protocols including HTTP, SMTP, HTTPS, POP3 and FTP.
  • Easy to use website monitoring tool is capable of checking the performance of the website in real time.
  • The user can easily understand the software by taking help from in built help manual.
  • Monitoring software provides highly interactive graphical user interface due to which any technical or non-technical user can easily operate the software.
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